Our talented Spin & Go player tryanother2 climbed the $100 stake!

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One of our most talented and hardworking players tryanother2 rapidly climbed to the $100 stake! This is an amazing achievement we would like to share with the world!

Congratulations, hero!

bitB Spins: Hello, hero! We are glad to have you here, among us. For those who don’t know too much about your past as a poker player can you please tell us a few things about you and your poker background?

tryanother2: Hello! I got into the poker world after I heard that a friend of mine was playing online poker. At that time this was quite a big shock for me because my perception regarding poker was that it was just another form of gambling. After I learned more about it and I got to know just how much strategy involved this mind game, I quickly got fascinated by the game itself. I started by playing online and I found relatively quickly that Spin & Go was my favorite game format. At the very beginning, I only played it for fun because I felt the need of taking breaks in order to focus on other stuff in my life. I started playing more regularly since last year, starting from the $15 stake.


bitB Spins: Why did you decide to choose the Spin & Go format?

tryanother2: When I started playing I tried out all the different formats and I can say that I simply had the most fun with this fast short-handed format. It’s very attractive to fight with wide ranges, compared to all the folding that goes on in cash games and tournaments. I also enjoy the flexibility of the Spin & Go format, in terms of time.


bitB Spins: What do you think is the hardest moment in the career of a poker player? Which one was in your case?

tryanother2: For me personally there was not something like a single hardest moment yet. The hardest part about playing poker for me is to consistently keep a good mindest. It is very easy to get focused on the wrong things and lose sight of what is important.


bitB Spins: Which is your strategy for improving your game? How do you feel by being part of a poker stable and in which way this thing changed your game?

tryanother2: My biggest resource for improving are the training videos. I think the greatest part about being in a stable is the environment it puts you in. You are constantly surrounded by up to date information about the game and you have the chance to learn something new every day. This is bound for improving your game as long as you utilize it.


bitB Spins: On what do you focus the most? Strategy, mindset, etc?

tryanother2: My main focus so far was more on the strategy side. I am however at a point where I want to put more time into improving my mindset. I think it becomes more important as you move up in stakes, as variance also increases a lot.


bitB Spins: How does our daily poker routine look like?

tryanother2: I don’t have a fixed daily routine at the moment. I am still going to University right now, so the time I have for poker varies. When I have time, I like to start the day by studying before playing. This gives me something to focus on in my games and I can implement what I learned instantly. I still feel like I have a lot to improve on, so in my mind, I am still far away from the top. My goal right now is to keep on improving my game and to achieve a decent win rate on $100’s. As I said, because I am still going to university I would say my biggest hobby is poker. The rest of my time I like to spend it with my girlfriend or to hang out with friends.


bitB Spins: How do you deal with this COVID 19 situation? Maybe you can tell us more about the self-improvement that you had during this period, your approach regarding this situation, etc?

tryanother2: The Covid-19 Situation didn’t have a very drastic effect on me. I am a pretty introverted person anyway, so the quarantine didn’t bother me too much. It just gave me more time to focus on playing poker. I used this time not so much on self-improvement, but more on improving my strategy.


bitB Spins: What did you do during this summer and how are you planning to enjoy the last summer days?

tryanother2: I did have some vacation plans which unfortunately got canceled because of COVID. Since the quarantine made most classic summer activities impossible, my girlfriend and I used the time to settle down in our new apartment. For the rest of the summer, I just want to use the time for playing as much poker as I can.


bitB Spins: Thank you for this interview, hero and good luck on fulfilling all your goals!



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