Pampero climbed to the $25 stake – “Our new coaches greatly improved my understanding of exploitative play.”

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Congratulations to Pampero for reaching the $25 stake after playing 2,532 games with 87 cEV at $10 Spin & Go’s!



Saydana: Hello, hero! How do you feel now that you have reached the $25 stake? Can you please tell me a few things about your poker background and your decision to join bitB Spins team? Also, how do you find the Italian player pool these days?

Pampero: Hey there, Saydana! Leveling up is always great, it’s a sort of recognition of the effort that you put into playing and studying poker. Currently I’m still trying to adjust to the new stake, here players seem to be more aggressive than on the lower stakes. The Italian player pool is obviously restricted compared to the one on, but fishes are always present and so far I still didn’t meet any reg that I consider particularly talented, so I could say that on low stakes the field is totally crushable!

I joined bitB Spins after some talks with Luca, one of our members. He told me some impressive things about this poker stable, and I wanted to verify this by myself! Regarding my poker background, I have to tell you that I started to play poker around seven years ago. I played pretty much every game format: a few cash games, MTT’s, but mostly Sit & Go’s. 

With the advent of Spin & Go’s I decided to join this kind of games due to their constant traffic and the possibility to play short sessions, also for keeping the focus at its peak from the beginning to the end.


Saydana: Which was your strategy for improving your game and what learning tool that we offer helped you the most?

Pampero:  I approached the game studying the GTO strategy, but since on the Italian field just high stakes regulars (and not even all of them) are able to play a good GTO game, I recently switched my efforts in trying to improve my exploitative play. I feel this is the direction on which players on lower stakes should focus their efforts while studying Spin & Go’s since it greatly increases the EV chip gain more than anything else!

Also, group coaching sessions are the tool that I consider the most efficient, especially the ones in which we analyze the lines that we have to keep against a certain type of opponent. They greatly help to develop a standard game against all types of players. Also, since they’re recorded, you can keep your focus on the concepts explained during the coaching without fearing to not grasp any piece of information.


Saydana: From your point of view, which are the advantages and disadvantages of the Spin & Go format?

Pampero: The advantages are for sure :

  • possibility to play short sessions ;

  • possibility to tailor your playing time in order to make it fit your needs (you don’t need to start a session and sit on the chair for some hours in a row as you do at Sit & Go’s or MTT’s)

  •  a constant presence of fishes due to the structure (small investment – high potential reward).

I can also name a few disadvantages :

  • CRAZY variance for sure, you need lots of thousands of Spin & Go’s player in order to beat it, and it’s not even sure you’ll reach run in EV during your whole spin career (that’s why EV deals are great!)

  • the focus has to be always at the top, you can’t play autopilot in any spot. Every time you do, you lose EV.


Saydana: Which one of our top coaches is the most suitable for your style as a Spin & Go player?

Pampero: Our new coaches greatly improved my understanding of exploitative play: every hand can be played in different ways. It mostly depends on your opponent! I can’t say what coach fits the most with my style of playing:

Stefan is my referring coach since he takes care of the $15-$30 players and helped me a lot in understanding the new strategies. Pierre deserves obviously a special mention for helping me in finding my leaks doing a HUD review and analyzing my play, letting me move up in stakes. And about Wolle83, I can say that I never had the chance to have a confrontation with him, but he doesn’t need any presentation! His material is top notch and all of his coaching session are top quality.


Saydana: On what do you focus the most? Strategy, mindset, learning tools?

Pampero: Fortunately, it’s pretty rare for me to tilt and when I do it I just stop playing, get some good rest and then come back to battle with the regs! Lately, I’m trying to focus on improving my theoretical understanding of the game and to be able to play a certain number of Spin & Go’s on a daily basis.


Saydana: I am really curious to find out more about your poker routine. Which is your way of starting the day?

Pampero: After I woke up and I prepare myself for a full poker day. For example, I start by studying poker during the morning, then I start to play around lunch hour, and I manage to play three or four sessions between afternoon and evening, depending on how focused I am.

My current goals are to improve myself and to climb higher in stakes. I didn’t actually reach the top, but that’s what I’m aiming for! The final goal is to reach the highest stakes and to be able to battle against the top regs, such as our coaches!


Saydana: What about the guy behind the screenname? What kind of passions or hobbies do you have?

Pampero:  I’m a pretty normal person. I like to do sports, to travel and to spend time with my friends. I’m also a bit of a nerd, so I usually spend tons of hours playing online games!

For example, I play League of Legends at a high level, not truly competitive since I don’t have the time to train and reach the highest level, but I’m currently a Diamond Rank 3 and I’m included in the top 100 players in Italy for that. I also enjoy playing beach volley and basketball at an amateur level.


Saydana: Thank you for your time, Pampero! It was a pleasure talking to you. Keep up the good work and see you at $500’s!


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