QUARANTINE BREAKOUT: Wolle83 is explaining how to take full advantage of the self-isolation period

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Everyone is crossing the same hard period, but the most important thing is to learn how to overcome procrastination and to spend the isolation time in a way that can help us become a better version of ourselves.

bitB Spins team is closer than ever to its members and our top coaches are more than willing to share with you their personal experiences regarding the self-isolation phenomenon.

Our head-coach and top Spin & Go player Wolle83 is ready for a quick interview which will surely become a golden lesson about how to take maximum advantage of every minute spent inside your home in order to improve both as a Spin & Go player or human being.


bitB Spins: Hello coach, please tell us a little bit about how do you feel during this hard period of quarantine? I know that poker players are spending more time alone in front of their PC now with all the virus situation. How are you dealing with this period?

Wolle83: The biggest change for most people is probably staying at home so much (yes, even for poker players). Finding activities outside of poker or staring at a screen and watching series, playing FIFA is important for me since I spend a bunch of time bouldering, going to the sauna, eating out and so on which now is not available. My housemate and I bought a table tennis table for example which (theoretically since it didn’t arrive for 2 weeks) provides an option to exercise, be distracted and challenge yourself.

bitB Spins: We are almost sure that for a period of time the Coronavirus brought some fresh air to the online poker, but in which way do you think things will evolve in the future? Most probably, if the situation won’t change the economic crisis will affect many people. Do you think Spin & Go players will also get affected by this phenomenon?

Wolle83: I could imagine some players finding poker as a new hobby or a welcome alternative for leisure activities after getting introduced to it during the virus outbreak. I don’t dare to speculate about the financial future of people too much,  but I’m sure for poker players things haven’t gotten worse, it is the opposite most likely.

bitB Spins: During hard times people manage to get to know more about themselves. Did the Covid-19 situation make you discover new things about you or about poker in general?

Wolle83: I have been investing some time into a “balanced lifestyle” in terms of calm and getting to understand yourself and the world around you which comes with mindful practice like yoga, meditation, healthy eating and so on. Now I get to utilize these things that I didn’t necessarily do on a regular basis.
It’s the perfect time to form some healthy habits and find peace in non-material activities/things. I read a little more as well, luckily the sun is shining and we have a little garden.


bitB Spins: Thank you for this interview coach and see you soon for another “quarantine” update!


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