Ready for a good workout? Our head-coach Darkornot is here to help you overcome summer procrastination

Home Ready for a good workout? Our head-coach Darkornot is here to help you overcome summer procrastination
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Even if the high temperatures of this summer make us a little more dreamy, our team of head-coaches is always here to watch your back and to help you remain on the right path.

Our head-coach Darkornot is sending a letter to all our bitB Spins members, and like our entire team, he is encouraging everyone to find their own balance between enjoying summer and maintaining a steady grinding schedule.

We will let you read fully focused his motivational letter.



Darkornot: We all know that generally, summer is always the time when you want to relax, soak up the sun and enjoy the beach!

This is obviously fine and anyway, most of the professional poker players “lack sunshine” 🙂 But I also like to have goals (daily & for the whole summer) because this way I don’t naturally fall into laziness and I succeed to maintain a good work ethic. What I personally do is to keep a regular sleep rhythm with simple planing of your grinding sessions. A good regularity allows you to make the most of the summer without too much effort while being satisfied with the time dedicated to poker during this period.

One of the qualities of the Spin & Go format is the great flexibility it provides. You’re not stuck in front of the screen for the next 10 hours. You can easily adapt your grind time to the other constraints/pleasures of the day or the other way around. This really gives you a lot of freedom and is quite enjoyable.

What I am personally doing: I start my day with a good working session in the morning until early afternoon. Then I follow the family rhythm by multiplying/reducing my sessions if necessary in the afternoon and evening. The peculiarity of summer is that the most stubborn players will be the regulars. This is especially the case at the highest limits. But they are the same regulars who, at the end of the year, will derive the greatest satisfaction from the work accomplished. (a full year, not a year minus two months of summer and two months of winter :D) This is also the opportunity to sharpen your skills vs regulars!

This Covid’year is also special and it offers a denser field in terms of traffic and more lenient in terms of requirements. Certainly, one of the summers not to be missed as a poker player.

My advice: Make sure to enjoy the summer, but also make sure you stay in touch with the game on a daily basis. Find the balance that works for you.





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