Chapter II: Darkornot opens our STRATEGY golden chest!

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It’s time to talk about really important things in poker and one of these is MONEY.

Though this topic may become quite controversial we are ready to go to showdown very confident in the strength of our hand. Here at bitB Spins we like to treat things in a straight-forward way that is why we are ready to deliver you the second strong reason for joining us: STRATEGY!

As always, we like to keep it professional that is why we invited one of our top coaches and high-stakes monsters, Darkornot, to go into the depth of this subject and let you take a sneak peek to our upcoming new-generation strategy.

We don’t want to brag too much about our top quality services that is why today Darkornot gives you only 3 strong reasons why our strategy is the ultimate on the market:


1.” Being in a big stable with a solid reputation, a stable which follows the rules and just wants the best for every individual player is a good starting point.”

Darkornot: We definitely work in a way that every player who joins us will improve as a player and will have every key in order to reach his goals, to feel satisfied and to stay in our community forever. To do so, we take care to develop every small tiny area that will have an impact on your results and your well-being as a player. We are working to be “the place every poker player wants to be” when it comes to Spin & Go’s, where the students will be the masterpiece of the stable. If you want to go more into details when you will join us you’ll get access to the full package for crushing the high-stakes.


2.“Regarding the theory part of our strategy, it starts with the hardwork besides the grinding hours.”

Darkornot: We created a full game plan which will help players standardize their game versus recreational players. Moreover, all of our players will have access to bitB Spins’ homemade OFFLINE training program called “Solution Browser”, in order to improve their theoretical approach of the game. 

Obviously, we can’t play as solvers would and we can’t leave our students with access to solvers as an only weapon when it comes to game vs regs. This is an area that will really make the difference being with us. We definitely want to have proper ideas of the general approach for developing. That’s why we are working in depth to create this “simplification of GTO”, that everybody can play without too much effort and without loosing too much EV. I think this is something that will make a big difference, especially in today’s games where the Reg/Recreational player ratio gets from bad to worse.


3. “Regarding mindset, Stefan, Wolle83 and I grow as grinders and we have already faced every kind of feeling you can have while playing Spin & Go’s.“

Darkornot: That is why we will be able to give you the practical approach that you need for reaching your goals, for dealing with your emotions and with your consistency. We also have the chance to have the true expertise of Mabohai who is ready to cover any potential needs that a player can have.


Are you ready to reach the top or are you afraid of facing heights?

We dare you to overcome your limits!





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