Summer is gone so we are all Back to School!

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Autumn is here so we are all BACK TO SCHOOL!

We hope you all had an amazing summer, full of new experiences, that you managed to relax and to organize your priorities. To those who stayed with us grinding all summer long, we want to say “Congratulations!”. Your hard work definitely paid off so you can be more than proud of yourselves.

Still, September is here and we are all Back to School! Do you know what that means?

For our bitB Spins players, it means that is time to buckle up and to start improving their performance because winter months are coming! Best period of the year when it comes to poker. For those players who are not part of a poker stable, it is time to find the best Spin & Go school and that’s why we’re here. 

So don’t forget that bitB Spins gates are always open for you! All you have to do is to:



The best thing about poker is that you can physically move your job at home. This means more freedom, an adjustable working and studying schedule, and a better focus.

Still, school is starting and our team of Spin & Go specialists has a few advice for those of you who don’t know how to prepare for this event:


1. No more procrastination. Tomorrow is a new day of grinding!

Start taking full advantage of each day beginning with tomorrow. Forget about the summer laziness and make an effort to find your balance and to return to your poker routine. Join bitB Spins coaching sessions! Our coaches are watching your back 24/7 and they will never quit up doing this even if it’s summer, autumn, or any other season.


2. Establish a poker routine.

School is starting so there is no chance to keep up adjusting your program. It’s true that all summer we all enjoyed a little bit more freedom and free days, but now we have to prioritize things. A strong poker routine is what you need in order to become the best poker in the world. Respect your sleeping schedule, your studying hours, improve the volume, and try to practice a little bit of meditation. Of course, once in a while, you can have a cheat day, but this shouldn’t happen very often. eat healthily, stay healthy, and keep your mind sharp at the tables!


3. Winter is coming!

We know that this is a fact that everyone knows, but for poker players, this is more like a HUGE event! It’s the best time of the year for staying cozy at home, studying, and grinding as many hours as you can. The player pool will be full of fishes, during Christmas time many recreational players will “try their luck” at the tables and our beast should be prepared to print money! Be sure you are totally aware of this amazing opportunity and don’t let it go unnoticed!


4. Become more active on our Discord channel!

This is another this that should be part of your teaching routine. Try to post as many hands as you can and to ask for help when you need it. Our coaches are always on our Discord channel for guiding you. Also, you can get to know other members of our team and to make them your study partners. Another great chance for moving up in stakes!


5. Find a study partner!

Now that we are really “back to school” it will be an excellent idea to find a study partner which is already part of our team. This way you can share knowledge and you can receive precious feedback from his partner. After all, we all need a shoulder to cry one when the variance is killing us and, another amazing thing is that from once in while you can take a sneak peek to your partner’s strategy and to extract from there the things that fit your strategy.


Get ready, beasts! bitB Spins gates are wide opened!



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