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Congratulations to our player TevNavJazin for hitting and winning a 200x multiplier at $10 Spin & Go’s!


3 way

The tournament started with a very good vibe for our player TevNavJazin who managed to win a huge advantage after only a few hands played by becoming the chip-leader of the table.

The decisive moment which made the transition to the HU game was when our beast flopped trips on a [Ah, 3s, 3c] board while he was holding in his hands [3d.] This magic three made him bet 1/2 pot on the flop and he got paid by one of his opponents, on his name EGURRE1898. On a [9h] turn, our hero decided to bet again 1/3 pot and he got almost instantly paid by his opponent. On the safest river on the world, [Ts], TevNavJazin went All-In without any fear and fortunately, EGURRE1898 called with [Qs, 3h], a decision which brought the end of the game.



The chips advantage helped TevNavJazin to start the heads-up with a lot of self-confidence in front of a short-stack opponent who had under 9 bigs.

After 3 hands played, our beast decided to raise from SB [Jd,5s] and he got paid by his opponent, chiwyta. On the flop, the lucky trips appeared again like a magic sign given to our player. TevNavJazin decided to bet very small, only 1 bb and he got instantly paid by his opponent. On a [7s] turn our hero continued to play a tricky game and he bet another 1 bb, but chiwyta decided to fold.

A few hands later, his opponent who found himself in the position of being very short-stacked, decided to go All-In from SB and TevNavJazin called while holding pocket fives who seemed to be a very strong hand in front of his opponent’s [Kc, 4s]. The flop [Kd, Qh, 5d] seemed to make him the winner of the tournament, but the furious King who appeared on the turn made the situation tenser.

The heads-up game finished with the victory of our player TevNavJazin after a [2s] brought by the river managed to finally put the crown on our player’s head.


Good job, hero and congratulations for this beautiful victory!



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