There are only a few days left! No, Santa is not here yet, but our Commitment Bet is still running.

Home There are only a few days left! No, Santa is not here yet, but our Commitment Bet is still running.
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Do you hate the cold outside?

Well, we give you plenty of reasons to stay at home. The first one and the most important is that our Commitment Bet promotion is still running!

Participants have collected 33 tickets so far. It means the EV of 1 ticket is currently ~$60. This is the last month of the entire challenge and it’s also your last chance to get 4 tickets with 2500 games in December.

We encourage everyone to take advantage of this great opportunity and at the same time to be aware that December is one of the best months of the year for poker grinding and for earning tons of money.

Below we will remind you of a few details about the Commitment Bet promotion:


The promo is available for regular speed Spin & Go players, so unfortunately Nitro and Flash players can’t compete for this time (they will probably have their promo soon). Only games played on your ‘home’ stakes count. The applicants (PPB+BitB Spins) will compete in 2 stakes (low-high) and 2 timeframes (1 and 3 months). The different categories will not exclude each other, so you can easily apply for all of them.
The 1-month challenge is for 2,500 games, while the 3 months long is for 7,000 games.


Application rules:

You should write us a message about your wish to join. The registration has a minimal buy-in, but above that, you can bet as much as you want. In order to avoid unfortunate situations, we require the applicants to transfer their bets in escrow to the management.


The minimal buy-ins are the following: (Low and high stakes, in this case, means buy-in to this challenge, not your actual ‘home’ stakes, so you can apply any or all of these)

  • 1 month LOW – $50
  • 1 month HIGH – $150
  • 3 months LOW – $100
  • 3 months HIGH – $300



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