They are the mighty winners of our Spin & Go race!

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Wintertime is almost over and so it is our Spin & Go winter race. Our players struggled to find the balance between volume, strong poker performance and long learning hours. For some of them this was just another routine day, but for those who wanted to achieve amazing results during our wintertime promotion it was a real challenge.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have the lucky winners! Or should we better say the hardworking winners?

We are proud of them and we are glad to have this type of poker players in our bitB Spins family so we decided to steal a few minutes from their precious learning time and to bring our winners in the spotlight:




Honestly, it was like my normal routine overall, except the first and last week, because of Christmas festivities.
I had some extra days off so the challenge started slow in terms of volume and I needed to make it up on the last week, but overall I didn’t do nothing special to keep consistency, just my normal routines/habits, although I have to agree that the challenge brought some cool extra motivation to do my best every day.
It wasn’t a hard period, except at the end, because I enjoy more the study/analyze part of the game and the last week was mainly grind and I don’t enjoy that a lot.
At the same time I got some cool insights and perspective on my usual approach.
I started from 9/10 until 19h and grind mainly 2-3 tabling with high-quality decisions and study every day. But in the end I move some of the study time towards grinding.


Mr. Pokee:

I started the race a bit “lazy” since I started grinding for it beginning with the third of January.
It might be wrong to call myself lazy for it, since I had planned to take 2 weeks off from poker weeks before, but I tend to be quite critical when it comes about myself and my working routines.
Taking those two weeks off Poker really made wonders and I was able to play basically every day until the end of the race. But besides that, I didn’t change anything in my game or routine, since the raise was all about making the most EV and that should be our goal as a poker regular.
I can say that the race pushed my motivation even more and I am happy that I was able to win in the end.


Congratulations to all of our winter race heroes! You rock, beasts!

Stay tuned! More amazing promotions are about to come!


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