This is a story about life and poker. But is it just a story?

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In life as in poker, you have to be present in every hand you play. You have to learn how to put in all your effort for reaching the top, you have to keep you motivated in order to stay in the game. Also, you mustn’t forget that life has its own HUD and this is a very important thing which makes it so similar to poker.

We should be wise enough to understand that life’s HUD is not a sort of software. It is our own mind. Here comes the beauty of life and poker. Life helps you dig dipper in your mental setup while poker’s HUD gives you concrete numbers that help you clarify your doubts.

There are many reasons why life is so similar to poker and today we will try to understand a few of them and to give them real meaning. For example, we will try to understand why do we face downswings, why one day does not resemble the other, why do we have mood swings and why sometimes in life, as in poker we feel powerless in front of one opponent. 

So in which way are poker and life so similar?


Do you ever surprise yourself cold sweating while you are grinding? You know, like a little monster is about to tear down your chest and get out of you? We are sure each poker player felt that at some point in his career and he wasn’t able to manage his emotions. Some of us call this tilt, some of us call this anger, but what is it really? Well, it’s life.

This is what poker teaches us about life:


1. No matter how hard the fight is, you have to stand tall in front of your opponent. 

First of all, you have to trust yourself and your skills. In life, as in poker each one of us has his own skills. We can be wrong sometimes, but most of the time poker teaches people how to make the right decisions. That is why you should be more self-confident. We give you one golden advice: your decisions are always better than your opponent’s decisions. Do you know why? Because here, at bitB Spins we create strong poker beasts and you should fear no one!


2. Sometimes it’s good to take a pause and reconsider your options.

This is what every poker player should do. After all, we are all humans and it is normal to take a break from time to time to analyze which is the right path. Poker teaches us that we should keep up a steady pace for achieving top results. This also applies in life, but sometimes this steady pace should take our steps to one direction or another. And bitB Spins is the right direction!


3. Always find joy in what you are doing!

This is a “to do” thing when it comes both to life and poker. Poker can bring joy to your life only if you enjoy what you are doing. Hardwork and dedication are the main words when it comes playing this game at a professional level, but joy and enthusiasm are the salt and pepper for becoming a feared poker shark. Find joy in your life, absorb it all and bring it to the table! You will become more self-confident and your tonus will increase while playing. You are what you are doing, so don’t forget to do things which bring you joy!


4. Poker has the ability to change your perceptions.

From time to time it is good to check if your beliefs remained the same. Poker is like a mirror for life and it can bring major changes to the “old you”. This is an awesome thing! Embrace it with joy and start taking advantage of it while playing. A new you means a new life, a new way of seeing things, a better player and an evolved human being. That is why poker is life!


5. We find out why routine can be good.

In poker, routine means discipline and it more than obvious that this routine will become part of your life too. This doesn’t mean you are a boring person. You just have to see the good part of it: your brain starts to become your friend. It will know when it has to keep you focused, it will help you enjoy your pauses. Routine is a good thing for your life. Learn how to live with it and to turn things into your favor.


This was a story about life and poker…

But the question is: was it just a story? 🙂






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