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Do you earn tons of money playing poker?

Well, in poker we call it upswing and it’s wonderful when it is happening. But do you know how you should handle an upswing? No, it is not a silly question. As a professional poker player, you should know how to handle both a downswing and an upswing.

Here are our suggestions:


1. First of all, you should remember that any upswing has an end

Facing an upswing can seem an easy thing to handle, but it’s very hard to see the truth when you are feeling invincible at the tables. You should take care of controlling your emotions because if not, the moment when the downswing will come will be much worse.

Enjoy the good time and take full advantage of each upswing, but remember that all good things come to an end. Try to maintain your consistency, to keep a steady volume, keep your daily routine and enjoy printing money. Our advice is to take things as they are, learn how to know your limits, and treat upswing like a real pro.


2.  An upswing is the time you should be working on your game

Maybe you don’t understand very well why you should act like this. You are printing tons of money, the sky is blue, the sun is up…why you should start working harder than you have already done?

The answer is very straightforward: because you are in the BEST mood for doing this.

Very few poker players do this because they don’t understand the reason behind this strategy. It is more than obvious that during an upswing you will be in a more energized mood and much more receptive to all kinds of information. When you are facing a downswing you are feeling very low, you have the tendency to question every spot and focus only on the “unlucky” hands.

Are you feeling like a poker superhero? Well, now is the time to improve your game, to have a better understanding of your mental state, and to play exploitive when it comes to your inner self. Don’t worry, money will come easy if you are a hardworking online poker player and if you add an extra hour to your learning process during upswings.


3. Invest your “upswing” money wisely

During an upswing, you are making tons of easy money. Online poker players have this privilege and you should be smart to invest a part of this money in your self-development. For example, you can buy all kinds of books, poker software that can help you studying outside the tables, all kinds of poker solvers that can bring your game closer to GTO.

Of course, you can start traveling and discover new passions, but don’t forget to focus on your real goals: becoming a real poker pro.


So, in which way are you taking advantage of an upswing?



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