Today we invite you to join us in the biggest rollercoaster called VARIANCE!

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Choose life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a life full of luxury. Choose washing machines, cars and good looking girls, choose spending white nights and wondering who you are on a Sunday morning. Choose sitting on that couch watching mind-numbing, spirit-crushing game shows, stuffing junk food into your mouth, choose your future. Choose life…

But why would you want to do a thing like that when you have Spin & Go’s? 

Can you feel the heart begin to beat harder, then calm down for a few minutes just to get pumping hard over and over again?

Well, we like to call it:



Saydana: Hello again, coach! If it will be to describe Spin & Go variance in only one word which will be this one?

Wolle83: Takabisha. 😀


Saydana: I know that you were a MTT player. What is the difference in terms of variance between MTT’s and Spin & Go’s and which one is the hardest issue a player has to fight with when we speak about Spin & Go variance?

Wolle83: It’s actually very comparable I think or at least they are most related in terms of variance compared to cash game or other forms of poker.

The main difference is: nobody can give you an EV deal at MTT’s because it’s impossible to figure out the exact win rates while at Spin & Go’s we offer a deal that pays according to your skill and the results at the tables. This is an awesome achievement since it’s not based on how lucky or unlucky you were.

You can play a very long stretch without winnings in reality while in an EV deal you will always be paid every month and create more of a steady income to rely on. The long stretches of not winning money can be frustrating but also they can just stop you from playing if you lost your BR or force you to play lower stakes than your skills would allow.


Saydana: As a coach, what solutions do you deliver to your students for fighting variance?
Wolle83: We offer everything a player might need since our winnings are your winnings we don’t avoid any cost and employ:

– Multiple coaches at the highest stakes from a wide range of poker rooms, speaking multiple languages
– Mindset experts that work on the psychological part of poker and downswing
– Staff to deal with your technical requests
– Staff to take care of the organization
– Our own GTO solution browser
– Video content categorized and specifically created for all kinds of scenarios in Spin and Go’s and the general life of a professional player
– Private contact to coaches and other players
– Close cooperation so we understand all of your needs

Again, you must have in mind the fact that we understand that we only make money when you make money and you make money when playing and crushing your opponents. In order to allow you to focus on playing we will take care of everything else for you. 🙂


Saydana: In your opinion, does variance have advantages and disadvantages. Maybe you observed that players fight more to improve when they are facing an ugly and long period od downswing?

Wolle83: I can only think of one scenario where the variance has advantages and that would be the good type of variance, where you win more than you should :smiley:


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