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As we promised, December comes with new surprises and challenges from both bitB Spins and the majority of poker rooms. This time, a new and very interesting promotion that Winamax has just launched caught our attention, so our team of professionals rapidly found a way to learn you how to get maximum value from this huge opportunity.

It seems this time of the year is very good for remebering chilodhood games. It only took a few snowflakes to fall for the poker rooms to turn immediatly a childhood playground. 

How many of you still remember the UNO game? 

Well, Winamax is here for stiring up some amazing memories about the good old times. More than this, you have the opportunity to grow your financial income by joining this awesome promotion.

How cool this can be? We bet than cooler than the best sleigh day from your childhood!


Have you already checked out the new Winamax UNO promotion?

It might be one of the best promos that Winamax offered for quite some time, so it is certainly worth a try. If you don’t have a Winamax account you can even get additional benefits. For more details regarding this topic, we invite you to continue reading this article. Of course, we are always working on improving the EV of our players and if there is a promotion for which you need a certain strategy, our Coaches are first in line to figure out the optimal way to play it.

Today we want to share some of this information with you.

Our head-coach Stefan prepared a great instructional video for all our bitB Spins members, that will surely help everyone maximize their EV during this promotion. You can check out this video here and take full advantage of each piece of information that our Spin & Go magician is ready to deliver to you:

If you are still unsure whether this promotion is suitable or not for you, then we have this additional treat for people who do not have a Winamax account yet:

By joining Winamax with our help, we will give you access to our special UNO-charts, one additional UNO-strategy video, and access to a channel in which you can ask UNO-specific questions which our coaches will answer for you.

But that’s not all, you will also get access to a group coaching managed by our head-coach Stefan, which is designed exclusively for players that contact us till the end of January and by doing this, you might be able to get even more additional benefits.

If you are interested in this and want to start playing on Winamax and take advantage of this promo, please get in touch with coach Stefan by sending him a DM discord to Stefan#0684″.


Don’t miss this huge opportunity and once more, we advise you to hurry up!

There are only a few days left until Santa will go down on your chimney and it only depends on you if you will find that much-desired gift under the Christmas tree.

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