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It’s summer again!

This means that the time for dreaming with eyes wide open has come. The hot sand, the starry sky can make even the greatest poker beasts think about having some fun. With so much money on the table it is hard not to dream big.

That is why today we decided to reveal to you 5 of the most common dreams that a poker player has. Besides knowing all the GTO lines, having the best EV and playing their A-game there are a few things that even the biggest poker pros think about without when they put in balance their goals.

Without too much talk here are the most common dreams of a poker player:


Dozens of beautiful girls chasing him



This is a man thing so it’s almost impossible not to have this wish. Let’s face it: poker players are persons which a huge ego because poker makes you feel powerful. And how to grow even more this ego? Well, a crazy party and some beautiful girls are the perfect way of spending the time after a hard session of grinding. Do you know which can be even better? A pair of “Queens” on the flop serving you a tasty and refreshing cocktail.


Tons of money


This is the most common dream when it comes to poker players. No matter the poker format that you are currently playing you have to admit the fact that one of your biggest dreams is to sleep on a mountain made of money. In this case, we have good news! This is possible if you keep up your level of consistency. Like always, hard work pays off and another thing which you will surely help you fulfill your dream and earning tons of money is that here at bitB Spins our coaches will always watch your back.

Party like crazy


From now and then everybody needs a lit bit of craziness in his life. Summer is the perfect time for joining the big parties in town. This doesn’t mean that you should forget about respecting your grinding schedule, but you have to allow yourself a “cheat day” when you can party like crazy. This can be a real boost in your career as a poker player. Networking will surely grow your self-esteem and at the same time will increase your serotonin level for a long period of time. Sun is up! What are you waiting for? Our bitB Spins team from Bali is waiting to join them in their adventure!


Fame becoming his middle name


First of all, we have to understand the fact that ego is not a bad thing in poker as long as you can control it. Every poker player dreams of becoming famous and this is an amazing goal if you learn how to manage it wisely. You should see fame as a boost for your motivation otherwise it can become a really dangerous weapon. Here at bitB Spins our mental coaches will take care of showing you the right path so you don’t have to worry about embracing procrastination caused by an explosion of fame.




This is the biggest dream of every person. Each one of us enjoys being free and poker is the best way to freedom. You can play when you want from anywhere you want. For a poker player freedom is more than a dream. It is a necessity and here at bitB Spins we understand this better than anyone else. More than this, we are ready to give you all the freedom in the world and help you become a real poker beast!


What is your biggest dream?



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