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Over the years, all poker pros have learned that a crucial thing when it comes to poker is to find a poker school able to create an environment conducive to learning. 

Here at bitB Spins we took this concept to the next level and now we are really proud to have the best Spin & Go coaches in the world ready to help anyone willing to join us in this marathon called “poker”. Today we want to bring to your attention the fact that we are here to help you and together with our Spin & Go, specialists, we will turn everyone that joins us into a real poker beast.

Once again, we invite you to meet our world-class poker coaches and to become aware of their achievements and the way they can help you in improving your Spin & Go game.

Let the magic begin!



Spin & Go’s played > 120,000
Ev ROI  3%
Highest Buy-In  $1,000

I like to think I’m a decent coach and among the best coaches when it comes to this poker format. The main reason why I affirm this is because I managed to come from the bottom to the top and I know how to go on this road over and over again. I have more experience than 90% of the Spin & Go coaches and I worked with over 300 different students in private or group coaching sessions and at the same time, I had the chance to work with amazing Spin & Go coaches and to learn a lot of new strategy things while playing or working with them.



Spins Played 50,000+
CHIP EV $100: >50 ; $250: >40 ; $500: 39
Specialty GTO

When Spins came out, I needed new motivation in poker, and Spins gave it to me. I started to take analyzing very seriously and I made lots of calculations to understand the game. This led me to be able to beat $500 Spins. I am a very GTO oriented player and I deeply understand it’s logic. Currently, I am focusing on teaching Spin&Go’s.



Spin & Go’s played > 75,000
EV ROI > 5%
Highest Buy-In €250

The whole time I had a true passion for the game, I kept myself open-minded to any new approach, I was completely dedicated to this activity with high consistency on both the grinding side and the theory side.

Today, I share this experience with my students to give them efficient help to reach their goals and crush the highest stakes!



Spins played 40,000+
Limit $50 – $100
Specialty Exploitative game ( Beating recreational players with 6.5% )

In 2018 I decided to rebuild my knowledge about exploitative strategies because now we have many tools to play with finally so what was once the advanced math guys playground now it’s open for everyone. Since then I’m obsessed to find a max EV play versus recreational players because I believe that there are a lot more chips that can be won if we crush them properly.



Spin & Go’s played > 60,000
EV ROI > 5%
Highest Buy-In  €250

I really enjoy constantly improving my game with the help of tools such as PioSolver or CREV and one of my main goals right now is to stay on the top and improve the game of my students as much as possible!


Do you still ask yourself why to choose bitB Spins stable? This time is not about the deals, money, percents or any kind of these things.

Your choice should be based on the most important thing which can bring constant value to your poker game: all our coaches are also active players, you can find them all the time at the tables, grinding hard as any poker pro does.

This is the crucial factor when choosing to join bitB Spins team: our coaches are always up to date with the current poker tendencies and ready to give you valid solutions to the problems that you can face during your game.

Don’t miss the chance of taking your game to the next level by:





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