Your Key To Success: Poker homeschooling with our top coach Pierre!

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Nowadays, given the pandemic situation, homeschooling became something that many institutions have adopted. 

Here at bitB Spins, we have always had the ability to help players from around the world and we became more than a poker school. We became a strong and happy family with players who share with us their greatest achievements.

Homeschooling is for us the basis on which we built our entire system in order to help players to find a good poker stable that is able to offer them quality poker information, study materials, coaching sessions, and 24/7 support no matter the stake they are playing.

For those who already joined us, but also for those players who are still searching for a professional poker school, we decided to introduce once again our top coaches and their unique abilities.

Today, the first head-coach who breaks the ice is Pierre.

We invite you to enjoy his motivational words!


bitb Spins: Hello once again, Pierre! How did you decide to become a coach? Was that a sudden decision or something that was growing inside your head for a long time?

Pierre: Neither of the above. I’ve always had a passion for poker and I spent a lot of time interacting with other players. In the beginning I did it privately, on the “hand channel”, as a participant in coaching sessions, as a coordinator of the coaching sessions, and as my level improved, I naturally continued thereafter through my own coachings & videos. I love the grind, but I also love the other facets of poker. I love the squeak, but I also love the other areas of poker. Sharing my experience with other players is for sure one of them.


bitB Spins: How can our players get the most benefit from your coaching sessions?

Pierre: I strive to offer a simple, easy to implement, and effective approach.I like to call it “Practical & easy”, and everyone can easily integrate it into their own approach. In high intellectual spheres, it is good to shine with an optimal balanced range of x/Shove in an ISO pot on the river. In practice, poker is not reserved for this elite: a solid basis with simple exploits makes it possible to beat the game, even at advanced limits. This is my guideline as a coach.


bitB Spins: What is the most effective way to learn poker strategy and continuously improve?

Pierre: For me, one of the main qualities of a poker player is to have an open, curious, but also a critical mind. And that’s how I get better and better at poker. I learn by talking with others, I learn by playing against decent opponents, but also from observing and analyzing the fancy play lines of recreational players. All in all, you have to be constantly looking for improvement. That’s all the beauty and richness that the complexity of poker has to offer if you deign to take an interest in it.


bitB Spins: Do you think everyone can become a good Spin & Go player and beat today’s games?

Pierre: The end of poker has been announced before 2010, as we can see, we find ourselves in 2020…Today, a motivated player will easily find quality content in order to evolve and to perform quickly in the poker world. It’s just a question of envy, will, and motivation. But whoever gives to himself the opportunity to do so will certainly be able to get the most out of the game.


bitB Spins: How do you see your future as a top Spin & Go, coach? And which are your upcoming projects?

Pierre: bitB Spins continues to grow with many opportunities for our students and that is why there will be plenty of new challenges as a coach to guide their evolution and enable them to reach their goals. We are also following the novelties offered by the poker sites to meet the expectations of our students and allow them to be successful pioneers. This was the case, for example, with flash/nitro spins, where we took the lead as soon as they were introduced. Poker is in perpetual evolution, the opportunities are multiple and we continue to actively respond whenever one is offered to us.


Stay tuned! More amazing things are about to happen here at bitB Spins!





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