Spins played 45,000
EV ROI 5% ($100) ; 3% ($500+)
Lifetime EV winnings > $300,000
Highest buyin $1000
Main field $250 - $500
Speciality GTO

I’ve been playing 6max hypers for 3 years when Spin&Go was introduced. That was the time when I did try it and when I saw how big potential it has. I immediately switched. That year was more of a quantity grind for me my main goal was achieving SNE since I could gear a great rakeback from that. The breakthrough was 2019 for me. I managed to get 5% EV ROI at 100$ spins. Nowadays I play mostly $500 and $1000 games with about 3% winrate. I believe that if you give enough time and effort to learn & improve, spins are still the best format to climb up the limits quickly and get a decent living from it. I always wanted to be the best whatever I started, this is my main motivation.

yonggery1's lifetime $100 graph

yonggery1’s lifetime $100 graph

Yonggery's 300k EV$ gets him a Football Trip of a LIFETIME!

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