3 powerful benefits of being part of a poker stable

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2021 is the year when you have to make some major changes to your approach to poker. It’s not just a thing that we are saying, it’s a fact that you can observe even while playing at the tables: it’s never been tougher to consistently win at poker.

At the same time, now technology offers you all the necessary tools in order to improve your poker skills. More than this, it’s never been easier to improve your skills only by joining a poker stable. Here at bitB Spins, we put together all the information and support that you need and we are not just delivering it to you as a shiny wrapped gift.

Our team of Spin & Go specialists has a well-defined plan to make you improve your game and reach the top. And they are moving fast!




1. We offer financial support to our members

Getting accepted into our poker stable will get you the financial backing to play at higher stakes than your personal bankroll might allow.

And all these happen because we also provide coaching from world-class Spin & Go players. This way, we are taking care that you will not lose your money, and more than this we are ready to help you build a steady financial income.

Joining our stable during this pandemic situation is the best financial decision that you can make. We can consider it a plus EV decision because you don’t have to bring money from home while learning Spin & Go strategy. Basically, all you have to do is to become aware of the fact that a poker stable is the best approach when it comes to learning and making money while playing poker.


2. bitB Spins team offer free strategy material to all its members

From a poker training standpoint, joining a stable gives you access to a wealth of poker knowledge. You’ll often have the opportunity to learn from the network of other players in the stable and from the coaches themselves.

This is certainly one way to go on the path to poker knowledge and jumping into the high-stakes world is something every player dreams of. When it comes to poker, we are offering you all the necessary resources in order to become the best version of yourself. Our video library, solvers, support group, are only a few things that we are ready to serve to you on a silver plate. Besides all these, we have the HUGE advantage of having as head-coaches top Spin & Go players who are still active in the poker field. This way, you will always be updated with the new Spin & Go tendencies.


3. You will receive coaching from world-class Spin & Go players

All poker players know that coaching hours don’t come cheap, that is why joining our stable will bring maximum value to your Spin & Go game.

Our schedule is full of coaching sessions led by the best Spin & Go players in the world. At the same time, you’ll often have the opportunity to learn from the network of other players in the stable and the backers themselves.


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