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What is nitroacademy

Poker should be fun and profitable (again)

We all had shiny dreams as we started out with poker. For some of us, it was having the freedom to travel the world and grind from exotic locations. For others it was still heading to Vegas. Maybe someone you know was looking to live an over-the-top lifestyle in your home country.

And then reality hits

You are making money and have a professional attitude – but still having a hard time on 5€. Decisions seem really close; tilt is a regular guest in your head. You start having thoughts about turning to other careers. You don’t really want to do that, though. All in all, you would be happy to make a stable +1000€ for now. The sun would definitely shine brighter if you were going out with friends with your pockets comfortably full.

And who knows… The 2-3k euro/month range isn’t that far away from there. It’s actually the average, our players from 10 to 50 are making. Every month.

0 years of experience
0 number of games played on 25€+ stakes
0 number of games played in 2021
0 of our players earn more, than with their previous game

nitroacedemy helps you win consistently

It is designed to lead you to build a great professional career

  • Gain a strong foundation (master the basics and be confident)
  • Get feedback about your game week by week
  • Take a shot at higher stakes when you are ready
  • Make consistent profit playing poker
  • Start living your best life

Who is behind nitroacedemy?

Great to see you around! We are Team bitB

Spins played 200,000+
Lifetime winnings $1,000,000+
Speciality Nitro/Flash games
Spins played 300,000+
Hours spent for Spin & Go-s 10,000+
Speciality Nitro/Flash games
Spins played 200,000+
Lifetime winnings $700,000+
Highest buy-in $1,000
Spins played 200,000+
Winnings with bitB $300,000+
Speciality Zero-to-Hero
Spins played 300,000
Hours spent for Spins 5000+
Speciality 2nd most played games on 250+
Spins played 250,000+
Lifetime earnings $900,000+
Speciality secret member

This is what you get

You must have heard the sad stories

If you have been around the poker world for some years

About poker stables taking advantage of players. When players are tied to an organization for years, without actually getting the chance to improve.
Maybe a friend of yours got into a deal that he regrets. He did not get what he applied for.
Also, there are well known stories floating around in the poker world about stakers going bankrupt. They could not continue to support their players – or even worse, they did not pay their fair share.

This is why you should be careful before you jump in..

Try us out without commitment

You don’t want to commit yourself – we would not do that either without knowing exactly what we were getting into.

You can join our community for a month and try all these features:

  • Access to 4-8 videos – to beat your current stakes
  • Charts – to make the best decisions easily
  • HUD – to have the best infos about opponents
  • Hand History Channel – you get feedback from our featured coaches
  • Player manager – to take care of you
  • Group coaching – you may join one session every week

I want to try it

Experience everyday life in a professional team

Join our private player’s Discord channel, chat with members, and attend coaching sessions.

Share a questionable hand every day and get feedback from our featured coach.

And if you don’t get what you signed up for, we just shake hands (virtually) and wish you the best of luck.
No strings attached

You keep all the knowledge you gain in that one month – and man… that could be enough to gain easy money on small stakes.

This is a no brainer


What should I do now?


Click on ‘Apply now’

Type in your e-mail address and name. This will take you to a questionnaire where your application starts


Answer the application questions

All your data will be safe. Our player manager will contact you and lead you through the application process


Get access and 10X your game

After a successful application, you get access to the starting material and soon after that you can start crushing

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Apply for the
trial period

Type in your name and e-mail address and click the button.

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    This is exactly what happens during the application process

    01 Get in contact with us

    Share with us anything you consider important about your poker career so far. Give us a few specific details by answering the questions so that our colleagues can get in touch with you as soon as possible. We also prefer, if you have a reference, the use of poker softwares (e.g. trackers and basic analytical tools). We will contact you within 48 hours of your application.(If you don’t receive our mail, please check your spam folder.)

    02 Let’s get to know each other

    We want to build the best community with valuable members. This is why we would like to get to know each and every one of the candidates, both from the perspective of the game and as a human being. So first, we would like to see a photo of you and your workstation and would like to see your environment as well, where you imagine working together (you may get a few good tips ;) ). After that you will also receive a personality and a professional test.

    03 Test evaluation

    The evaluation takes an average of 3-4 days and if your submitted tests have met all of our requirements, then we will proceed to the next phase. (Do not worry if you haven’t succeeded; we will notify you anyway. Furthermore, if you like, we will inform you about re-enrollment conditions or we will give you a few tips to help further your development.)

    04 Personal conversation

    There may be a few additional questions in writing about your application if something on your test wasn’t clear. Then, via a Skype conversation, we will discuss your application so far. We go through the phases of the beginning of our work together and you will get an answer to any questions you may have.

    05 Start your trial without commitment

    As a last step, our player manager will give you access to our private Discord channel and all of the aforementioned learning and supporting material. Soon after this you can start boosting your game!

    Do you have more questions?

    Find answers here – FAQ

    What should I do now?

    1. Type in your name and e-mail address and click ‘Apply’
    2. Go through the application process (questionnaires, personal test, professional test – as featured above)
    3. Wait 3-4 days for evaluation
    4. We will contact you and set up a schedule for a live conversation
    5. Start your 30-day trial period without commitment

    Why do I need to go through the application process?

    For a 30-day trial it seems like a bit much, doesn’t it?

    We have 2 strong reasons to insist on that:

    1. It is very valuable for you. You can learn what preparation it takes to be a real pro. Even if you don’t check all the boxes, you will have an idea what to improve.
    2. We take a lot of care of our community and only want the most determined players to join – even if only for 30 days.

    What do I get exactly during the 30-day trial?

    • access to 4-8 videos – You can build a strong foundation to beat your current stakes.
    • preflop charts – to make the best decisions easily.
    • HUD – to have the best info about opponents. Constructed by our top-notch coaches.
    • Hand History Channel – you get feedback from our featured coaches. You may post 2 hands per day, a maximum of 7 hands per week.
    • player manager – Peter will guide you and take care of you as you discover life in our professional team.
    • group coaching – You may join one session per week and absorb high quality training material.

    What is bitB?

    We are helping small stakes Spin & Go players reach the professional levels – where they can make enough money consistently to build a great career and a satisfying financial situation.
    bitB has been in the coaching and staking business for over 10+ years. We are well experienced in building strong systems and provide top level learning material for our players.


    NITROACADEMY is a system created to help determined poker players raise their stakes from 2-5€ Nitro/Flash games up to 10€, 25€ or even 50€ and over.
    Step by step it leads you through videos and group coaching sessions, provides charts and solutions. Plus, you get feedback after reaching the next milestone of games played.
    You get access to more and more material as you climb the stakes – so you never get overwhelmed by tons of irrelevant stuff.

    Do I receive a bankroll to play?

    In a nutshell: yes, you can choose this option.
    You will receive further information about the terms as soon as your application is accepted.

    At what stakes can I start playing?

    This strongly depends on your previous experience. Based on how you perform at the professional test during the application, we will suggest a starting limit for you personally. Don’t be afraid, as we usually take the more cautious way. So you will start at a limit you can comfortably beat with the help of our learning material.
    From there, the most determined players move up really quick. The lower stakes are only good to get used to the new content.

    What will happen after the 30-day trial?

    If both of us are satisfied with working together, we set up an agreement for longer term cooperation. You may become part of the bitB family and continue your way to an amazing poker career.

    What does coaching look like?

    We have mainly group coaching sessions, which have a monthly schedule. That is issued prior to every month, so the players can plan accordingly. This will mean around 2-4 coaching sessions per week on an average.
    Players are put into groups according to their stake they are playing, and these sessions are held for these groups. There are frequent hand reviews at these sessions, so it’s possible your hand will be analyzed – just like at a personal coaching one.
    Individual coaching does happen, too. Players, who put in the most effort, will become eligible for receiving personal sessions from our most accomplished coaches. It’s not just for the higher stakes guys, it’s for the most determined!

    Do you offer personal coaching?

    Yes! The most determined players become eligible for receiving personal sessions from our most accomplished coaches. It is decided uniquely by request.
    Every one of our members can attend the live group coachings – with hand analysis – and go through videos and get feedback.
    Also, on our dedicated Discord server you can always ask for feedback in the Hand History channel from players and coaches of the bitB family.

    Do you provide a HUD?

    Yes, we do, to non-shared tracking softwares.

    Do you provide the tracking software? (H2N, PT4)

    No, these softwares are not provided. This is the player’s responsibility.

    What are the requirements to move up in limits?

    Requirements are in cEV, in the number of games, and some other factors, decided individually. It’s different stake by stake and by poker room as well. We have a nice excel sheet for it.

    What poker sites can I play?

    We offer contracts for games played at Pokerstars, Winamax, and GG.

    Can I play MTT-s with my own money?

    Yes you can (we only suggest this on an occasional basis, though). This should not take your focus from nitros and studying our strategy, but from time-to-time it is not a problem if you try your luck with an MTT.

    Why should I trust you (more, than some other stables)?

    Our player contracts are transparent. You will know every condition up front, before you commit yourself.
    We have been in the business for 10+ years, meaning that our team is financially very well grounded. You don’t have to be afraid of not getting enough roll to play or getting into a situation where we can not handle a reasonable make-up.

    What happens if I’m losing your money?

    You don’t lose your own.
    After your application is accepted, and you decide to sign a regular contract, you will continuously get enough roll to play. See more details after successful application.

    Proven system and no commitment

    Try NITROACADEMY for 30 days



    We know, it’s not easy to commit.

    We know, it’s not easy to commit.