5 goals you must set to make money in poker

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Setting goals in poker is the best way to keep you focused on sharpening your game.

At the same time, it is true that goal setting isn’t for everyone, but getting complacent is one of the most dangerous things a poker player can do. Procrastination will bring a HUGE downgrade to your poker career while goals are a great “growth hack,” especially if you don’t want to end up moving down or getting stuck at low stakes.

So this is what you should be aware of:


1. Play A Set Amount Of Hands/Hours Per Day

This goal requires self-discipline and at the same time a very realistic view when it comes to your endurance.

Setting a volume-oriented goal encourages you to play more often, which is a crucial factor that will surely improve your poker game. If you play online, this is the only way you can accumulate a database of hands that can later be used to analyze both your own strategy and those of your opponents.

When setting a volume-oriented goal, be sure to choose an amount where you will always play your best poker. Many poker players have the tendency to set higher goals for which they are not completely prepared. It is a very good approach to try to overcome your limits, but at the same time, you must always have in mind your main goal: to play your A-game for making tons of money.

So our advice is to keep consistency and to set achievable goals in order to avoid burnout.


2. Dedicate Time To Studying Poker

This is just a quick reminder of how important studying is when it comes to improving your poker game. Most poker players have the tendency to play more and study less, thing which is not very profitable on a longterm.

What we suggest you is to transform your learning process into something more interactive by:

  • Watching training videos – as they offer concise and fundamental information and are usually made by experienced players.
  • Engaging in strategy-related discussions on our Discord channel is also a great way to develop your game, as you will be encouraged to consider actions from a variety of perspectives.
  • Even something as casual as talking about hands poker-playing friends can open your eyes to new ideas.


3. Spend Time Reviewing Your Own Play

This goal should always be part of your learning process and it should be more than a goal. You have to transform it into a daily habit in order to achieve the greatest poker results.

Poker tracking software (such as PokerTracker) is an excellent tool for this, as you can quickly find past hands or tag hands mid-session for review later. Tracking programs will also record hundreds of stats that can be used to identify where the problems in your game are. In PokerTracker for example, you can analyze a database of hands to see how much money you have won/lost in each position.

At the same time, you can use GTO training software when you find yourself outside of the tables, for a better understanding of the most actual poker strategy.


4. Grow your desire to move up in stakes

We are lucky to have such amazing players for who this goal is a primary one. Of course, this has as a consequence more money in your pocket.

At the same time, some of the players forget that moving up the stakes is the most satisfying feeling in poker. Unlike other results-oriented goals, this one has no set time frame to be completed in. With no time restraints and a sufficiently large number of buy-ins to be won, such a goal should take long enough that the variance balances itself out.


5. Balance Poker With Other Activities

Leaving a satisfying and healthy life is one of the most important things when it comes to balancing your poker evolution.

It is easy with a game as great as poker to become completely obsessed with it. Like with anything in life, you should enjoy this game with moderation and enjoy the freedom that the Spin & Go format offers you.

By balancing the game with other activities as well as maintaining healthy relationships with those around you, you will find that you are emotionally in a better state when sitting down at the tables. You must create a healthy and positive environment in which you can succeed.


 So don’t forget that the main goal, no matter what, is YOU!




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