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There is a lot to say about why online poker players should memorize their preflop ranges, but more important than just talking about this is to offer them a few solutions for “how to easily memorize preflop GTO charts”. The most experienced players already know that this is a skill that can be achieved in time.

For those who find themselves at the beginning of their poker career we have one piece of advice: don’t panic! Even if charts are full of colors and ranges, ordered by position and number of blinds, in the end, everything will be ok. You will manage to memorize them and implement GTO strategy in your game.

Today we will give you three tips that usually work for memorizing this kind of chart. Are you ready?


1. Try to remember the form of the range

If you are good at visualizing things, this method will surely be the best if you want to memorize a preflop chart. Most ranges are linear, which means they begin at AA then simply get weaker, however, some ranges are capped so at the same time they’re polar (that means it’s largely large arms or weak arms however no center arms).

Basically, it doesn’t matter to memorize exactly all the hands. You can start by memorizing from where the chart begins, where a certain color ends, what is the shape of it, what is the most dominant color, and what hands it contains. You have so many ways of “photographing” the chart and keep it in your mind.


2. Understand the logic behind the range

Today, with the help of all kinds of GTO solvers, each poker player has his own preflop chart. This is not a bad thing, it can be really helpful if you are taking care of not observe them blindly. Learn the why behind a range to get a deeper understanding of it. If a range is cut up between opens and shoves, be taught why the solver opened some arms and shoved the others, for instance.

For example, rather than placing a hand into a solver to get a range to spit again at us, it is more important to have a look at a spot in your examine, write down what you suppose the range ought to be, after which getting the reply. Memory improves extra when it’s being retrieved and in case you are flawed, being corrected is uncomfortable however makes it extra possible you’ll bear in mind it subsequent time.


3. Try to find patterns

After reading and understanding a few charts you will see there are certain hands with which you have to do the same action no matter the blinds. Of course, finding patterns is not an easy thing to do, you have to start by studying chart by chart and at the beginning to write down the patterns that you have found.

This method will help you memorize the ranges and at the same time, it is a very good exercise for your analytic vision.


Once again, our advice is to take it step by step. There is plenty of time for reaching the top and our team of poker pros is here to help.





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