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Should we care about Spin & Go Strategy?

Many recreational poker players believe that Spin & Go are very similar to a lottery and don’t like playing them. The truth is, PokerStars did make these tournaments in a lottery-style in order to attract new players and made many changes to rakeback payout in order to turn this format into something catchy for fishes. Casual players may not care about poker strategy and slow grind; they want a chance to hit a big payday in a matter of minutes, but our bitB Spins beasts are aware of the fact that strategy is the MAIN thing that matter when it comes to Spin & Go format.

Nowadays, the strategy approach changed a lot. As you already know, there are two types of strategy: exploitive and GTO strategy. Our coaches are working day and night in order to help you implement GTO strategy during your game, now that so many GTO solvers are accessible to the majority of players.

Still, in which way your overall Spin & Go strategy should change in 2021?


1. Study Heads-Up play.

Even though we all know that Spin & Go’s is a 3-way game format, the most important part of it where the majority of players are having problems is the Heads-up play.

Here at bitB Spins, we have plenty of HU strategy materials and our coaches are always ready to analyze your HU game and to help you find your leaks. Don’t be afraid to face your opponent, learn how to adjust in front of it, and always pay attention to GTO. By mastering all of these, you will surely have a great HU performance at the tables.


2. Focus!

Our head-coach Wolle83 have a few wise and motivating words regarding this subject:

Wolle83: Your mind and body are your tools and with the willingness to work on yourself and the help of a mindset coach you can improve a lot on and off the tables for example while another coach analyses your weak spots and suggest ways to improve and a 3rd one delivers new concepts that were unknown to you yet and push your boundaries.

So focus on finding your inner peace, your own triggers, and learn how to manage your ego while you are grinding. All of these will keep you sharp and focused. At the same time, you can try meditation for a few minutes before starting your poker session.


3. Get ready to improve and to change your perception.

Our coaches will constantly keep you updated with the new Spin & Go tendencies. All you have to do is to implement what they are teaching you and to become the best version of yourself.

Wolle83: Today the very complex solutions and mixed strategies are the main focus for players that want to compete on the highest levels. Discussing them and working closely with other very good players in order to understand how to implement and adapt from “GTO” strategies is the most successful player’s choice and creates a studying environment where guessing is almost obsolete. Especially at Spin & Go’s we have solutions available on our homepage that I can access in no time and browse through all branches of the game tree for a Spin & Go and HU. I discuss my perception of the mistake others possibly make with players in the team and we find the best possible way to play together in a very short time compared to other study methods.

We are all here to help so don’t hesitate to ask for a piece of advice when you’ll need it.


The year 2021 is still here so don’t lose your time anymore and:







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