Increase your winnings by using our HUD while playing!

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We are more than sure that all of our poker beasts already know the importance of using our HUD while playing. Still, from now and then we want to bring to your attention some interesting facts about the way bitB Spins’ HUD can prevent you from losing money at the tables.

From the very beginning, you must know that we are offering to all of our players multiple HUDs: one for H2N and one for PT4.

This way everyone can choose which HUD fits him the best. The thing they have in common is a very clean layout which offers all the stats that you need.

Also, a very important aspect that our Head Coach and top Spin & Go player Fetedlabiere wants to highlight is the one that:

Fetedlabiere: Our HUDs are customized for different poker rooms. This way we can be completely sure that we are following the ToC of the poker rooms and that we offer to our students the maximum advantage.


Also, our coach is ready to often further information regarding some features that our HUD is including to those who are interested in finding out more about the benefits of using it:

Fetedlabiere: On H2N we have 3 HUD versions:

  • the easy version (Compressed)


  • a more advanced version (Stars)


  • the MAX version for players that play on other poker rooms than PokerStars or destinated to replayer use


Also, bitB Spins’ customized HUD offers all kind of stats that you would need.

Here are some features of it (H2N only):

  • – combined OOP/IP Panels
  • – bluffing freq HUD
  • – multiple advanced popups in H2N
  • – a different replayer version


Do you want more reasons for using bitB Spins’ HUD? We are ready to deliver you three main reasons which will help you achieve consistency and better results:


1. Our HUD will make multi-tabling easier

You have to admit that this is a HUGE advantage. As a poker pro, multi-tabling is a must in order to improve your earnings. Our HUD will help you take quick decisions by offering you on a silver plate all the information that you need about your opponents.


2. You can use it as a study tool

An amazing thing which will surely help you is that you can mark hands while playing and coming back to them for a deeper analysis. Also, our HUD contains the most crucial stats on which a Spin & Go player should focus while playing.


3. bitB Spins HUD is a top tool designed by top Spin & Go players.

Our team of professionals is constantly taking care of improving your game by delivering you a top HUD. What makes us different from other stables is the quality and the amazing experience that our coaches and developers team are having in the Spin & Go field.


It’s time to take your game to the next level!

We are here to offer you these amazing two versions of bitB Spins’ HUD and more than this we offer the opportunity of learning from the best!





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