Is poker the best option for a stable monthly income?

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We are aware of the fact that these days everyone is going through a period of uncertainty, and the need for a stable monthly income is drastically increasing. Most people have to work from home and being a freelancer is the best option you can have in mind now.

Do you still ask yourself which are your options?

Well, for all poker passionates who didn’t have the courage yet to take their passion to the next level becoming part of bitB Spins team is one of the best options. We offer you a solid start, a future carrier and becoming a successful Spin & Go player is now only a matter of time if you are a hardworking person.

Being a Spin & Go player is an option full of advantages if you know how to exploit this amazing opportunity! 

Poker offers you a stable monthly income, flexibility, the chance of working for home and MORE than all of these, while we are crossing this hard financial period, it offers you the chance of keeping your income unaffected by the economic fluctuations.

Our Head Coach and top Spin & Go player Darkornot is ready to give you some strong reasons and explanations regarding the “money” aspect!


bitB Spins: Hello, coach and nice to have you here again! Since when can you call yourself a fulltime poker player?

Darkornot: I consider myself a pro player since 2016. Basically, since I joined a stable and made poker my main activity. I used to play until then, a lot, but with a classic job on the side.

bitB Spins: Which is in your opinion the hardest thing for a Spin & Go player when it comes to playing poker for a living and having a stable monthly income?

Darkornot: I think it depends a lot on one’s profile. A common pattern is laziness. Over the years I’ve met many players who were “in the right place at the right time” to be able to really develop as a professional player, but without a minimum of rigor, they stagnated or even gave up. So for me, the main quality remains consistency.

Of course, being a pro player brings a lot of freedom and opportunities but it also requires commitment and consistency. Today everyone has easy access to charts, strategies, and even EV deals. This considerably reduces the psychological impact of the uncertainty of the quality of his game and also the monetary impact of the swings. So it’s simple for a player IF he is ready to provide the necessary work.


bitB SpinsWhat changed during the last few years the fulltime online poker players? Would you encourage people to leave their job and fully dedicate to poker. If, yes, why?

Darkornot: I don’t think much. Of course, the field is a bit more challenging, but there are still some great things to be achieved as a pro player. I think it’s a question to be asked on a case-by-case basis.


Darkornot: Well, for once, living in France was worth it! PokerStars has introduced this promotion for French and Spanish players. I needed to rake 60k within a certain period of time, and I was able to do it in less than 2 months. This gave me the “famous Platinum Pass” (worth 26k) The promotion is still running if some people want to try the adventure!




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