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How many times did you feel the need for a good warm-up before playing a poker session? We bet that feeling your body numb and tired before the game is not the way you want to start your poker day.

Do you know what is keeping you away from doing that warm-up? The answer is very simple: your brain. The same who is helping you to earn tons of money at the tables is becoming your worst enemy when it comes to physical activity. Plus, the fact that the majority of poker coaches are not pushing you to work your body, but they are surely offering you strong strategical support.

We can give you a few examples of “why a good warm-up is necessary before start playing”:

Anybody who takes their performance seriously warms up prior to the “big game”:

  • NASCAR drivers visualize every twist and turn of a race before the starter flag is waved
  • Presentation speakers go through their slideshow and ensure their cue cards are in order
  • Basketball players take shots and run passing drills to get their muscle memory fired up
  • Comedians run through their sets in their minds

If you want to excel in this game, you must do the same. Warm-ups get you in a positive poker mindset, focus you on the strategies you’re currently working on,  help you control tilt, and boost your brain by giving it the serotonin it needs.



Well, it is very simple and we can give you a few steps to follow:


1. Get rid of any kind of distractions

Distractions are a real killer for your ability to focus on taking money-making decisions. You know what distracts you the most, so turn everything off or put them away while you are playing. For example No more Facebook scrolling, no more Twitter news, or any kind of messages while grinding. They can all wait for when you will finish your work.

Start the warm-up by turning off all these fake social things and focus on your game and on your mental state.


2. Work on your strategy

After your body stretching, in our opinion, this should be the next thing that you have to do before starting your daily grinding session. Of course, you can see that you are self-confident in your strategy approach, but remember there is always a place for improvement.

We advise you to talk with your coach and to figure out together what kind of strategy notion you should focus on the most. This way, while playing, you will be able to apply the new thing that you have just learned by setting your own mind to do this before playing.


3. Consume and Learn

We have already talked about this at point 2, but we will focus on it. a little bit more because maybe you’ve found the perfect video or article that teaches you a great Spin & Go strategy. You have already taken notes on it, so giving a second look at it before starting to play will give you a huge boost. But don’t just mindlessly consume it. Re-read while you are visualizing yourself using the strategy against your opponents.


Once more, don’t forget to train both your mind and body.

We wish you all: good luck!



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