The aftermath of playing a €1.000.000 jackpot. – Interview with Pelajas

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It’s not always sunshine and rainbows, even if you are lucky enough to land on a jackpot table. Not many players realize this, but if you want to be successful in spin games, hitting (or even winning) a top jackpot is only a happy side effect, not the main goal. In this interview, we talk with our player, Pelajas, who finished 3rd on a €1 million jackpot.



bitB Spins: How did you start with poker? And how did you find spins?

Pelajas: I began playing poker back in high school with some friends. After that, I took a break from poker and spent a couple of years playing video games, trying to go pro in that field. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out as I had hoped.

Then, I decided to give poker another shot. I noticed that there was an Estonian Stable, where all the skilled regulars were playing, offering deals and coaching in 2019. The spins format was incredibly popular at the time, so I started from there. I really enjoyed the competitive aspect of it, which reminded me of the hunger I felt when playing video games, but with the added benefit of earning money from poker.

bitB Spins: How did you discover bitB Spins, and what made you decide to join?

Pelajas: I think I found out about bitB Spins on the Two Plus Two forum, which I still visit to this day. My coaches informed me that bitB had a strong Nitro team. Initially, I used to play regular speeds, but I became interested in trying out Nitros. So, I switched and joined bitB because their Nitro team caught my attention and seemed like the faster option to improve.

Besides, my coaches emphasized that bitB had a really strong team, and I’ve learned from experience that listening to them leads to better results. Whenever I didn’t follow their advice in the past, things didn’t go well. So, I’ve learned my lesson the hard way. When there are more successful or skilled individuals or coaches, listening to them is important because they know what they’re talking about.

I joined in 2022. After being with the team for a while, I left for about four or five months to try playing independently. However, during that time, I realized that I really needed coaching, a reliable bankroll, and a steady income. I attempted to play with my own bankroll and profit share with Hyperschool, but it didn’t work out as I had hoped. I can’t recall all the details of what happened, but I came to the realization that joining bitB Spins again was the right move if I wanted to progress faster and improve my skills. It was another hard lesson learned.

bitB Spins: So, now you’re playing on 25s, right? And you hit the jackpot there too?

Pelajas: Yes, that’s correct. I’ve been playing on 25s and occasionally some 50s too. The jackpot was a €25 game.

bitB Spins: Was it a special occasion when the jackpot popped up, or was it just a regular session for you?

Pelajas: It happened during a regular session, and my heart was pounding when I saw the game. You see, after playing around 500,000 games, I realized that I might never hit the jackpot. So, I started thinking about how to increase my monthly earnings and explore other passive income opportunities because I knew that solely relying on the jackpot was unlikely to happen in my lifetime.

bitB Spins: How many tables were you playing when you realized you were on the jackpot table?

Pelajas: I had around 14 or 15 tables open, and when I saw the jackpot table pop up, I immediately stopped adding new tables. This way, I could concentrate on the jackpot game without registering for more tables.

bitB Spins: Did you have a pre-prepared strategy in mind when the jackpot table popped up? Or did you just start playing and observe what the others would do?

Pelajas: Since the other players at the table were unknown, I had no prior information about their playing styles. Therefore, I decided to adapt my strategy based on their actions as the game progressed. I typically tag many players, but those two were unknown to me in this case, so I had no choice but to see how they played and adjust accordingly.

I tried to adjust my strategy based on the assumption that they were recreational players. As for the tournament itself, from my perspective, everything seemed quite normal and standard. The other two players occasionally made odd moves tho.

While playing, my heart was beating so fast, and I tried my best to stay calm, telling myself that no matter what happens, I’ll give it my all. However, I was extremely nervous because there was a lot of money at stake, and it’s not every day you get such an opportunity.

I reviewed the game multiple times and looking back, I can identify a few things I might have done differently. However, despite these minor adjustments, I don’t think I made any major mistakes that could have changed the game’s outcome. The hand where I busted was a bit of a bad beat since I had the worse kicker in an all-in situation, but overall, it was a standard call. I believe I played well, and the rest of the tournament was quite standard from my perspective.

bitB Spins: It’s totally understandable to have mixed feelings after such a significant tournament. Can you tell me more about your emotions and thoughts after finishing the game?

Pelajas: Sure. After the tournament, I experienced two main emotions. I was happy because it was a good achievement, and the prize money was decent, which could potentially have a positive impact on my life. However, I also felt slightly disappointed since winning the jackpot would have been life-changing, but it didn’t happen. Nevertheless, I tried to focus on the positive aspects and be grateful for the opportunity to participate in such a big game.

I believe that if it wasn’t meant to be, then it simply wasn’t meant to be. In the end, I played to the best of my abilities, and you can’t win every single tournament. I’m hopeful and excited for the next opportunities that come my way, and I think I won’t feel as nervous in the future since I’ve gained some experience from this one.

Winning the 3rd place prize on the jackpot has significantly impacted my mindset and approach to the game. I no longer have to worry about my monthly earnings, which is a huge relief. It’s like having a safety net that provides some financial security, allowing me to focus solely on studying and grinding without the added stress.

Having this safety net has definitely boosted my confidence at the tables. I feel more assured in my decisions and no longer second-guess myself. While I wouldn’t say I was scared before, the jackpot win has given me that extra boost of confidence, knowing that I have the ability to make the right moves and trust my skills.

bitB Spins: And after the jackpot win, did you finish the session right away or continue playing for that day? How did your day or the following days unfold?

Pelajas: After winning the jackpot, I continued playing some more that day, and the next day, I had a full session as well. I had to complete my bonuses at the start of the month because I needed to take some time off toward the end of the month. Despite the big win, my passion for the game was still strong, so I couldn’t resist grinding again the very next day.

bitB Spins: It’s evident that winning the jackpot has positively impacted your motivation to play. Would you say it has strengthened your hunger to continue playing and aiming for more wins in the future?

Pelajas: Absolutely! Winning the jackpot has definitely fueled my motivation to play even more. It’s rewarding to finally see some significant returns for all the hard work I put into playing around 60 to 100 hours a month and completing a large number of games, like the 34,000 games I played in that particular month. The third place has given me a sense of accomplishment, making me eager to continue striving for success in my poker journey.

bitB Spins: That’s quite an impressive volume! On average, how much do you play in a typical month?

Pelajas: After moving up to 25s, I play around 15,000 to 20,000 games per month. This is because bonuses fill up relatively quickly at this level. However, I expect my volume to increase in the coming months, and by October or November, I plan to be at an even higher bonus status. At that point, I aim to play around 25,000 games per month to clear both bonuses efficiently.

bitB Spins: Do you have any general thoughts about the jackpot or poker that came to mind while we talked?

Pelajas: Well, the most important thing is that many people play poker, hoping for big wins like hitting the jackpot. However, realizing that consistent profits can only be achieved through hard work and dedication is essential. By putting in the effort, you can make significant money regularly. The key message is not to fixate on hitting the jackpot but rather to focus on playing your best. If it happens, it happens.

Also, if your results are not as expected, don’t stress too much about it. Instead, use those moments as opportunities to study and improve your game. Consistently working on your skills is more crucial than chasing big wins or relying on luck.

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