What is a $EV deal and how can it be crucial in overcoming your limits?

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Poker terms are difficult to understand when you find yourself at the beginning of your poker career. Professional poker players and poker schools usually discuss poker strategy and deals using a vocabulary that can sound very pompous at first sight.

The fact is that if you want to become a poker player you should by start acting like one. That is why today we will talk about what “$EV” is, how it works and how does it interfere with your mental setup.



This is the first thing you must know when negotiating your poker deal.

By definition, expected value (EV) stands for the average outcome of a given situation when the situation depends on an uncertain event. In poker, expected value’s uncertain event can be the cards and the decisions that your opponent makes.



The answer is: in many ways. We will go further than this and we will explain step by step how $EV works both financially and psychologic regarding a poker player’s needs:


  • EV helps you develop long-term thinking which is a crucial thing when it comes to poker. You will find out that any short-term analysis is not relevant for your poker achievements. As we mentioned before, poker is a marathon, not a sprint.
  • EV helps you avoid tilt. And this is a huge advantage. Overcoming variance gives value to a poker player. Think about the fact that you get paid accordingly to your poker skills, not based on the luck that you had or you hadn’t at the tables.
  • Since poker is based on mathematics, $EV will show you the real value that you have as a poker player. This will help you know at what level do you find yourself and it will surely motivate you to improve even more.



We will explain to you step by step the process that we use for calculating EV. You must have in mind the fact that for each game there is a 0,42% EV ROI reduction.

For example: 

Let’s say a player who finds himself at the $100 Spin & Go stake plays 212 games with 50 cEV/game. So he has 4,5 EV ROI. In this case, the player will be paid exactly for 4,08 % EV ROI which is equal with $4,08/game. Multiple this by 2k games and the base of the chopping will be like $8160.

Also, the player splits all the RB accordingly to his deal. In case of hitting the 10,000x multiplier, the player will split the prize accordingly to his deal. For example, if the player has a 70-30 deal, he will receive 70% of the Jackpot prize. In the contract there is a 0.42% EVROI reduction, that makes it possible that if the player hits the top Jackpot, his chop will be done with regular profit sharing, so he can keep a large amount of that money.

So basically we pay you almost 91% of your EV every month and we give you the chance to hit, win and split the Jackpot outside the EV deal!


We strongly encourage you to take as much value as you can and to find out more about our EV deals!

The first step is:





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