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When embarking on your poker journey, it’s crucial to identify the type of game that suits your style, experience, and goals. In this article, we will analyze three major forms of poker: Multi-Table Tournaments (MTTs), Cash Games, and Sit-N-Gos (SNGs), including the Spin format, to help you find out which one is the best choice for you.


Multi-Table Tournaments (MTTs)


High Winning Potential: MTTs provide the chance to secure large scores, which can be an adrenaline rush for many players. Even fishes have a shot at winning significant money, creating a higher motivation to participate.

Knowledge Scope: These tournaments require a comprehensive understanding of various stack sizes and ICM effects.

High ROI: On lower stakes, it’s possible to achieve a pretty high ROI.


Huge Variance: The variance in MTTs can be substantial, making it more challenging to maintain consistent winnings and motivation.

Time Investment: MTTs require a significant time commitment and an unpredictable schedule.


Cash Games


Evergreen Option: Cash games are a consistent and great option for regs with many recreational players.

Manageable Sessions: Unlike MTTs, cash games offer shorter, predictable sessions.

Learning Curve: The learning curve is not too steep. It requires less simultaneous learning, thanks to way more static hand ranges.

Limited Adaptation: Cash games demand less adaptation, making it easier for beginners to get their feet wet.

Skill Showcase: A player’s skill tends to show up sooner in cash games. Meaning less variance due to less all-in situation.


High-Stakes Competition: At higher stakes, seats are harder to secure as many players use seating scripts.

Relatively Lower Variance: Compared to MTTs, cash games have relatively lower variance, which may not be as exciting for players looking for a big score.


Sit-N-Gos (SNGs)


High Stakes & Profits: High stakes and significant profits can be achieved exclusively with these games.

Recreational Appeal: SNGs can still provide a fun and entertaining experience on lower stakes.


Limited Games: The higher the stake, the fewer tables run, which can limit the opportunity to play.


Spin Games


Great for Planning: Spin games provide a well-structured playtime, allowing you to decide how many hours or games you want to play.

Relatively easy to learn: Spin games are relatively easy to learn due to limited stack depth. You just need to understand basic exploits and how to prevent your opponents from exploiting you.

Fish Attraction: The chance to hit the jackpot (JP) tends to attract less skilled players, creating potentially profitable situations for good players.

Scalability: You can always move up in stakes as plenty of games are available.


The necessity of Multiple Tabling: A good player needs to learn to play on multiple tables since decisions are not usually difficult, making it essential to multiply your edge.

Competition: After a certain point (usually around PS 25-50 and equivalent), learning how to play against regular players, not just less skilled ones, becomes essential.

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