Why bitB Spins is the best choice to develop your poker career?

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If the only question is whether it’s possible to be successful at poker as a lone wolf, the answer would be simple: of course! But if you want to achieve the success you want in the fastest and most efficient way possible, you definitely need help. We’ve got that help for you on several fronts at bitB!


Community and coaches

The best players of the Spin&Go field will be your coaches, and they will help you better understand the game in group training sessions several times a week. We make a point of limiting the number of players per coach to ensure that everyone gets the time they need to develop. As well as helping you understand the game, we also help you understand yourself through mental coaching, and more experienced players will help show you the way to greater poker success through our player mentoring system.

In addition to coaches, a large, cohesive and positive community will help you every day to achieve your goals. On Discord, you can talk to people with similar views and goals at any time of the day, so there’s always someone to talk to if you have a question or are stuck. Others have already experienced the same problem you’re facing and they will help you overcome it, as there are many players in our community who have climbed the ladder from small to high stakes. You can also join study groups within the community to improve your skills.


Technical assistance

Once you join our team, you’ll get access to the bitB Learning Tool, which will be your greatest asset in helping you to progress as quickly as possible in the initial phase. You’ll find a solution for every situation from the simplest preflop decision to the most complex postflop situation. At higher stakes, you can use our Solution Browser to analyze every hand and find the best solution for the perfect GTO play.

To help you develop your game, we also have a wide range of videos, including videos focusing on specific problems as well as videos that give a more global overview of Spin&Go. We update the video library with 2 new videos every week, featuring our high stakes player coaches sharing their knowledge.

Our unique, PT4 and H2N compatible HUDs will help you get the most information about your opponent while playing, and our Leakfinder HUD will help you improve your skills.

At bitB Spins, not only do we have everything you need to reach the highest possible level in your poker career, but we work every day to develop new tools to help you do it as quickly and efficiently as possible.


If you are not ready to join us, take a quick look first into the life of bitB Spin players!

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