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Spins played 40,000+
Limit $50 - $100
Lifetime EV winnings > $100,000
Speciality Exploitative game ( Beating recreationals with 6.5% )

In 2018 I decided to rebuild my knowledge about exploitative strategies because now we have many tools to play with finally so what was once the advanced math guys playground now it’s open for everyone. Since then I’m obsessed to find a max EV play versus recreationals because I believe that there are a lot more chips that can be won if we crush them properly. Currently, I am playing any kind of Heads-up SNG up to 200 but due to the low traffic on higher stakes my main field now is 50-100 with avg ROI of 4,5% and versus recreationals its above 6,5%. In 2020 I think it is crucial to not just have a decent strategy versus regulars but we also have to maximize our EV versus recreationals, because simply beating them is not enough anymore.

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