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Spin & Go’s played > 75,000
EV ROI > 5%
Highest Buy-In €250
Hours spent for Spin & Go’s during the last 2.5 years > 5,000

I have been playing poker for ten years, nearly exclusively cash games until 2016. I decided to switch to the Spin & Go format because I managed to feel that this type of game had a lot of potential in it and I did the switch without having any experience at Sit & Go’s, HU HT games or any similar format.
The transition worked quite well and I reached $100’s during one year. I increased my work on theory and I constantly went deeper and deeper in the study of this new and challenging poker format.

The whole time I had a true passion for the game, I kept myself open-minded to any new approach, I was completely dedicated to this activity with a high consistency on both the grinding side and the theory side.

Today, I share this experience with my students to give them efficient help in order to reach their goals and crush the highest stakes!