Spin & Go’s played > 200,000
Lifetime winnings > $1,000,000
Highest Buy-In €500
Speciality Nitro/Flash games

Before starting my Spin & Go adventure I was a coach and a player at the HU Cash up to NLHE1000. In early 2016 I wanted to try something new and this is how I got excited about the Spin & Go format almost instantly. It was such an action-packed game and it offered to me and to everyone the opportunity to win huge amounts of money. So let’s say that the switch to this game format was pretty easy for me.

With no knowledge about shallow games, I struggled a little bit at the very beginning, but I was able to get the hang of it quickly and by the end of the year I was already playing €100 Spin & Go’s on Winamax. When they introduced €250’s at the beginning of 2018 I quickly established myself as a regular at these limits and I’m grinding there like crazy since then. I really enjoy constantly improving my game with the help of tools such as PioSolver or CREV and one of my main goals right now is to stay on the top and improve the game of my students as much as possible!

Today, I jumped in nitros/flash games and started leading and developing the successful NITROACADEMY with Pierre to give efficient help to students to reach their goals and crush the highest stakes!

“As a team, we are extremely dedicated and extremely diverse as well. Everyone has different strengths.”

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“A year ago I luckily hit the Jackpot… It was really exciting. Actually my hands started to shake....”

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