Spin & Go’s played > 120,000
Lifetime winnings > $450,000
Ev ROI 3%
Highest Buy-In $1,000

I was already playing MTT’s for about 2 years when PokerStars introduced the Spin & Go format and since I never studied too hard during my times as an MTT player I figured out that it would be a good choice to learn this new game from people who are good at 25BB hyper games. So I decided to join a poker team that was on the market. This way I managed to receive coaching sessions and strategy materials which were specially designed to help poker players crush the Spin & Go stakes.

I climbed to the highest stakes in a record time, I immediately started to have very good results and this is how I got the chance to become a coach. My work ethic and my success as a poker player brought me where I am today. Offering coaching session to other players from all stakes was a great experience and it helped me become a better player and a experienced coach. I learned that if you work with the best players no matter the stake, you get a lot of input, thing which is very effective and pushes you further through your development process. I became a partner and a head coach in my former team and I’m very grateful for the opportunities that were given to me there. I like to think both parties were very happy with our partnership for a long time.

So why did I leave my old team? Because I got the opportunity to work on something new, to work with what I hope will become an exceptional team in the Spin & Go community. Not everybody get the chance to work with bitB and ProPokerBacking. When I had the chance to start this cooperation it didn’t take me long to accept.

During my time as a MTT player I won a Scoop watch, a MicroMillion title and a Sunday Kickoff as the most prestigious titles to mention. As a Spin & Go player I managed to obtain winnings of at least $100,000 every year while giving hundreds of coaching hours and creating loads of content for my students.

I like to think I’m a decent coach and among the best coaches when it comes to this poker format. The main reason why I affirm this is because I managed to come from the bottom to the top and I know how to go on this road over and over again. I have more experience than 90% of the Spin & Go coaches and I worked with over 300 different students in private or group coaching sessions and at the same time I had the chance to work with amazing Spin & Go coaches and to learn a lot of new strategy things while playing or working with them.