The Ultimate HUD to Know Your Opponent’s Exact Leaks

You Will Know Their Next Move Before They Do

How Will It Help Your Game?

This exhaustive HUD will help you be one step ahead of everyone else and crush your stake.

  1. On Point Stats, Without Clutter

    Only the stats that help you crush your opponents are included.

  2. Helps You Make the Right Decision

    Just a glance at this HUD will make you confident in your next move.

  3. You Can Plan Ahead

    With hands accumulating game by game, you’ll be one step ahead every time you play with the same opponents.

*In order to use the HUD, you need to have registered PokerTracker 4 (Small Stakes or PokerTracker).
**The HUD can be used on the following sites: PokerStars, Winamax, Ipoker, 888poker

  1. 01

    Get the HUD with your e-mail address:

  2. 02 Give us 24 hours to grant you access.

  3. 03 That’s it! You are ready to make confident decisions at the tables and print money!