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Hyper spin games are very popular because they make it easy to plan your sessions without having to chain yourself to the screen for long hours. It allows for a much more flexible lifestyle, and anyone who invests the time and energy to develop their game can make a stable and excellent income.


Early decisions

Spin games end rather quickly, not only because of the short blind levels but also because of the initial stack sizes. This feature makes it a fan favorite among fishes and allows a professional to play a large number of games in a month.

However, if you want to take this game seriously, you must look at speed differently. With hyper spins, you need to know the preflop charts and exploits in and out and have a very polished flop game. The depth of the stacks (you start with 25BB) means less action will go to the turn and river, you’ll face significantly more preflop and flop decisions than on a regular spin. Accordingly, this is where you can generate a significant portion of your profits.

Using the proper charts will help you to feel confident in your preflop game as you will start from a better position than 99,9% of the small stakes field. At bitB, all our players (including those participating in the 30-day commitment-free trial period) receive charts covering every preflop situation. These will help them to develop a confident preflop game, which of course, can be deviated from at higher stakes, but still provide a solid foundation.

An example of the charts we provide for our players


The more, the merrier

In Winamax Expresso games, the chances of hitting the jackpot (the biggest multiplier) are pretty small. Of course, if one manages to win one, it’s life-changing money (from €1+), but a poker career cannot be built on such low odds.

You need to rely heavily on rakeback to build a predictable monthly income. Smaller stakes are still beatable, so you can make a profit from the game there in addition to RB, but at higher stakes, rakeback will be by far the primary source of your profit. This is why it is necessary to get to a better VIP level as soon as possible, and playing on more tables is crucial for this.

To play enough games in a month, you need to be able to play at least 6 tables simultaneously. Some people in our stable play on significantly more tables than that, but it doesn’t happen overnight.

It’s essential to introduce new tables gradually, so if you can only play on 3 tables at the moment, don’t jump to 6, as this will significantly reduce the quality of your game. With multi-table play, it is essential to make most of your decisions standardized and automatic. In multi-table games, you cannot afford to think about your bet sizing, especially in the most common situations. Learning your preflop ranges from charts is an excellent example of automating your game.


Don’t let the small sample size fool you

A HUD can help tremendously and provide a significant extra EV in a game. However, the use of HUD can be a disadvantage at small stakes, where there are tons of players with typically small sample sizes available from each of them.

Making an informed decision based on just a couple of hands is impossible. Typically, low-stakes fishes are going to show their leaks quite quickly anyway. Rather than trying to figure something out from a tiny sample, just open another table. You can make a significantly larger profit that way.

HUD can be handy when there is a sufficient sample available. In that case, it can be a huge advantage against your opponents because you can adjust your range based on their tendencies. You can make more confident and situationally appropriate decisions with a HUD if you have enough hands from your opponents.

BitB players use a HUD specifically designed for spin games with all the relevant stats displayed in both 3-handed and HU situations. And now there’s a version available for everyone to try out what it feels like to play knowing your opponent’s next move.


Make sure you select the right games

A big part of your success is knowing when to play. The speed of the game means that even the best players don’t have as much edge as in standard speed games. That’s why games, where there are 1 reg and 1 fish at the table are best avoided because they are essentially unbeatable. There are exceptions to this, where the reg is weak, and you know exactly how to exploit him, for example, but this is not where you’re going to make a lot of profit.

On the other hand, when the lobby is relatively short of regulars, it’s worth going all out and collecting as much EV as possible from the fishes. Casual players tend to punt big at lower stakes. They play spins like slot machines, if they haven’t spun a big score they want to get it over with as soon as possible and move on to the next game.

The key is to incorporate something new you’ve learned into your game week by week and to move forward in a deliberate, incremental way. If you put in the necessary energy and time to learn and play, you will see the results in just a couple of months.


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