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What are the areas you can improve in to make 2022 your most successful year to date in Spin&Go? In this article, we’re going to throw a bit of a curveball and instead of talking about what your SB strategy should be against a passive fish or things of that nature, we’ll look at other aspects of your game.

Clarify why you are doing this.

For the money! Sure, everyone does it for the money, but it’s worth digging a little deeper than that. There are many ways to make money, why did you choose poker? Do you think it’s an easy way to make money? Unfortunately, the days are long gone when you could fire up a few tables and make money by knowing the value of the hands and being a bit more patient, than an average recreational player. The pool of average recreational players is way smaller and they play much better than 10 years ago. And regs are at a whole other level, especially as you go up the limits.

Maybe you chose poker because it seemed like a good alternative to the job you hate? It’s worth thinking about this when you’re in a downswing and don’t feel like playing, how lucky you are to have the opportunity to earn money playing a game you love, rather than sitting in an office hating every minute of it.

There are thousands of scenarios that could be envisioned, but the important thing is to think about why you want to do this and try to be realistic. Poker and Spin&Go is an excellent way to grow financially and as a person, but it’s not a magic spell you use to print money.

Use your why to motivate you when you’re going strong and also when things get hard.


Set your main goal

The new year is here and you’ve decided to lose weight, build muscle, switch to a normal sleep schedule, never tilt again, go up 2 limits and preferably even read 3 books a week from now on?

What if you choose one big goal instead and put your focus on that? That’s not to say that the rest isn’t worth doing, but it’s very difficult to juggle several things at once, especially when things aren’t going your way.


Improve your circumstances

Your performance in poker (and everything else) is greatly affected by how much sleep you get, whether you exercise, what you eat, and the workspace that surrounds you. It can help a lot to reach a higher level if you put some sort of system in place for these things.

It seems a bit contradictory because we just talked about setting a goal, but now you should pay attention to everything? The thing is, just because you have a really big goal doesn’t mean it’s not profitable to pay attention to other things. You might want to imagine that your main goal for 2022 is to consistently play 3000 games a month, but you also want to exercise and watch your diet. If you have a day when you feel really tired, then to play the sessions you have planned for that day, you could very well skip the workout to get some rest before you start your next session, sacrificing smaller goals every now and then for the sake of the big goal.

Obviously, this only means that if you exercise 3 times a week generally, it’s okay if you miss one or very rarely two gym sessions, not that you regularly eat pizza at dawn and only see the sun when it’s on-screen in a Netflix series.


Join a supportive community

We’ve written several times on this blog about how much being in a community with the right people and learning from excellent coaches can boost your poker career. At bitB, you’ll find everything you need to help you on your way: a supportive community, world-class coaches, and a Player Mentoring System.

We hope all of the above can help make 2022 the best year of your poker career so far, and if you’d like to join bitB Spins, you can read about how to do so here and apply here.


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